The Human Embryonic Stem Cell Debate – FINISHED ???

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New hESC cell lines have been established from embroys using an already developed technology and without .Their new method eliminates the ethical concerns surrounding the culture of hESC cells. In the past other embryos were destroyed as they were required for co-culturing purposes (in order to create a suitable culturing environment to restrict differentiation) with the hESCs.

This could accelerate research very quickly as they have the capacity to start distributing to research institutes, they simply wait approval.

Embryonic Stem Cells have the ability to generate any tissue within the body and hence hold potential therapeutic value. For example the generation of new organs in vitro, replacing diseased cell populations ex-vivo to treat Parkinsons, Muscles disease, Spinal cord injuries and cancer. Stem cell therapy using multipotent adult cells is currently in practiced e.g. bone marrow replacements


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