GE Protestors cut down trees at Scion

Herald Link

This latest attack draws parallels to the potato incident in 2002 LINK and is likely to reheat the GE debate

I find it quite ironic that the individuals did not seem concerned that their trespassing might compromise the biosecurity of the facility. Even though there was little risk, I doubt they were aware of this.

It might be time to re-visit (while it was media worthy in 01 and 02 it has since dropped out of the spotlight) the GE debate and sort it out once and for all (well as much as it can be). I will actually start searching for some recent updates on the governments plan ahead for GE in NZ and the status of the moratorium

GE represents a essential technology in day to day research. Don’t get me wrong, I believe GE product release (trial or commercial farm) needs to be carefully regulated to protect the countries brand/biosecurity/flora and fauna but NZ has a unique advantage in the AgBio sector and if we restrict research utilising GE to much we do sacrifice being left behind in the biotech world

David Sauls view on GE is one that I align myself frequently


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