Malaghan Institute staff poisoned

Herald Link

The second attack this week on a science research facility , this time on the Malaghan Institute. Milk was spiked with formaldehyde as an unknown persons stance against the institute’s testing on mice

To date mice represent a key tool in the modeling and treatment of diseases in-vivo (within a living organism). They are the last step before proceeding into human clinical trials providing vital efficacy and toxicology to reduce potential side effects in humans. A blunt way to put it – its the mice or us. Ethical guidelines are stringent to ensure the best well being for these animals

These sort of incidents are distressing to see and are hard to justify in my eyes. Like many issues today, education, of the use of animal models AND GE [with reference to my earlier post] (what is it, why we use it, concerns, benefits, NZ regulations) in science research, continues to be one the ways to combat such activism. But I believe more can be done to do this,. Who acutally is responsible for making sure the public/ society can understand reasoning behind aspects of science research, while the scientists themselves can play some part they can only do so much to reach the wider audience.


2 responses to “Malaghan Institute staff poisoned

  1. silly, should get the people who oppose animal testing not to use any products that had been tested on animals before.
    Good luck to them if they ever need to go to the hospital 😛 or have surgery!

  2. The mice are breed for the purpose of being test subjects, i wonder if the people attacking the research facility eat meat, then do they have a problem with cows being breed to provide milk, then slaughtered so you can have your eye fillet steak on a Friday night.

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