Telecom FREE wifi hotpsots to disappear

Herald LINK

At present Xtra broadband customers receive free wifi access at hotspots across auckland.

However a deal between Telecom and SmartPay (wifi provider) is likely to see the end of this. This is also evident from the expiry date of 31st March currently stated on the telecom website.

This is disappointing to see. Peter Griffin makes an interesting point, Telcom have not marketed this at all in their broadband packages. One would think in a the modern highly mobile world (more wireless devices are being phased into the nz mobile market as people demand more from their phones- iPhone,iTouch,I-mate smart phones, Treo, HTC telecom smartphones) that Telecom would be making a big point of this, especially considering the the heat it has been facing over freeing up the network to allow competition for other ISPs. There is also opportunities to acutally make some money from it as wekk. For example in busy business areas where there are a high density of business travellers e.g. airports.

Once again, so much potential, but no vision to capture the opportunities right in front. If in doubt, borrow some of the innovative ideas from other countries.


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