New Bioentrepreneur: Patrick Gladding

Herald Link

This is a great article as it is a perfect example of homegrown biotech entrepreneurship and innovation

Patrick was recently featured in the Herald for his work in pharmacogenomics or personalised medicine. Specifically using a persons genetic signature to determine whether they will have positive or negative reaction to drugs before they are administered. In Patrick’s case he is investigating the anti-clotting drug, clopidogrel (A drug which has a international market of 7 bill).

Herceptin has benefited from such technology as well and comes with a diagnostic kit to determine if the patient is HER2+ and hence responsive to treatment.

Giving up the opportunity to earn a six figure salary as a cardiologist, investing his own money into this project and driven by the thought of discovering something new Patrick is definitely an entrepreneur running the gauntlet.

Patrick has been asked to speak at the next NZBio ( Auckland Networking Dinner event. I will be attending this event and will no doubt post up my comments about his presentation. I might even see if we (the Chiasma team) can include him in the programme this year.


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