IIB – NZ’s latest biotech incubator


Check out the new Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland. Note – facility itself is yet to be built.

The Co-Location concept that this facility boasts allows private companies to ‘spin in’ giving them access to the latest equipment and an army of staff students on contract research basis or in a jointly owned intellectual property agreement (both managed by UniServices).

It is like an incubator for biotech companies much like that of the AgBio Waikato Bio-Innovation Park. It is great to see opportunities promoting the merging of industry and universities emerging. I personally believe the countries universities are the most valuable resource in NZ generating a thriving biotech industry. To date this is evident through the numerous companies spun out from the university several of whom have therapeutics in clinical trials – CoDa, Neuren,Protemix, Androgenix, Lactopharma, Proacta, Symansis, Biomatters, Brainz, Telemetry, Nerian. Access to a huge pool of resources make starting up a fresh biotech considerably easier than going at it alone.

It will be interesting to see what companies take up this offer and which other/ if any universities are stimulated to follow suit.

http://www.biotech.co.nz/ – great domain name


2 responses to “IIB – NZ’s latest biotech incubator

  1. The Institute for Innovation in Biotechnology (IIB) was launched 1 July 2006. We are fully operational. Three companies have become partners already (see website) – several more will be joining soon. Co-location opportunities exist now for start-ups in our laboratories in the Thomas Building – benefitting directly from the state-of-the-art research infrastructure and equipment facilities as well as from in depth technical and academic expertise. This greatly accelerates their research development and minimises the need for capital investment into their own major equipment when finance is tight. The IIB represents New Zealand’s first hi-tech bio-incubator. Planning of the new facilities is well advanced with construction of stage one of the Thomas Building extension likely to start in the second half of 2008.

  2. To add to Joerg’s comment the three partners are :
    Androgenix – http://www.androgenix.com
    Biomatters – http://www.biomatters.com
    AgResearch – AgResearch Structure Laboratory

    Will be interesting to see what new biotechs are stimulated to startup due to the creation of this institute and its resources.

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