SBN:Student Biotech Network

SBN is an organisation operating in British Columbia that is similar to Chiasma. That is, it brings together students different disciplines to explore the local biotech industry and show them careers outside of academia.

They have just completed their Annual SBN Career Expo and Conference that seems like a Canandian version of Chiasma’s SYNAPSE- Biotech Expo event. Whereas Synapse has a company and individual career profiling component, the SBN conference focuses more direct career advice. The both highlight career opportunities outside the norm (Hand up your lab coat – titled session by SBN that I thought was quit nifty).

SBN Conference program here

They also host a seminar series that focuses on current issues in the biotech sector. This year Chiasma also is running a series of interactive seminars featuring local biotech industry representatives. Unlike SBN, it will be more directed to providing science students with a taste of business concepts in the biotech context. Stay tuned.


One response to “SBN:Student Biotech Network

  1. the website is no longer there? do they still exist?

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