Here is something quite interesting that I found on biospace.com ( a website of resources and information to the life science industry)

LINK here

It is called HotBeds – clusters of organisations within the life science industry spread across the US. This feature on biospace is basically a marketing campaign/ branding tool for each of these clusters to attract investment and resources. Images / paintings of the hotbeds are constructed with participant organisations’ logos integrated

Below are the hotbeds across the US Region – Note they have also included a BioAUS for Australia to come


Below is an example of the marketing illustrations that are produced – This is BIOBAY – San Fran region


I will actually start to produce an Auckland Biotech HotBed – not for the same purpose of course [Yet 🙂 ] but just to see how the various organisations a spread across the region. Google Maps /Earth is probably the best basis to start with. Much like the one found here http://www.hopkinsbiotechnetwork.org/HBNJournal/viewjournal.php?id=36


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