I found this organisation a while ago and have been keeping an eye on it ever since – it is quite an innovative idea itself. hosts an innovative market place. Those that are seeking an innovative solution or product can submit it online offering monetary awards to the ‘solver’ who submits the best innovation.

Competitions/ challenges cover a side variety of industries including; chemistry, life sciences, business, physical sciences, engineering, maths and computer science

This is the Web 2.0 phenomenon of crowdsourcing, collaborative competitions, user/customer-centered innovation and user-generated innovation

Below I have pasted in some examples of challenges currently available on the site

INNOCENTIVE 6057559         RTP         220 project rooms open

Reducing Risk of Malaria with Solar Powered Device

POSTED: MAR 10, 2008 DEADLINE: JUN 10, 2008 $40,000 USD
Design of an affordable solar powered device to prevent and/or limit the spread of malaria is desired. Read More

INNOCENTIVE 5656095         Ideation         570 project rooms open

Viral marketing ideas for InnoCentive Solver recruitment

POSTED: NOV 29, 2007 DEADLINE: Under Evaluation $5,000 USD
The Seeker is looking for viral marketing ideas for the recruitment of millions of new InnoCentive Solvers. You do not actually need to be an expert in marketing or advertising to work on this challenge. What matters most is your creativity and common sense as a professional, consumer, and individual.

INNOCENTIVE 5627144         Theoretical-IP Transfer         125 project rooms open

Preventing contamination of a cosmetic product

POSTED: MAR 07, 2008 DEADLINE: MAY 09, 2008 $20,000 USD
Approaches to prevent contamination of a cosmetic product are needed.

More details are available once you register as an InnoCentive Solver. Read More INNOCENTIVE 5400225         RTP         527 project rooms open

Cleaving disulfide bonds

POSTED: AUG 27, 2007 DEADLINE: Under Evaluation $50,000 USD
Seeking compounds that safely cleave disulfide bonds in proteins.

More details are available after you have registered as an InnoCentive Solver. Read More INNOCENTIVE 5402964         Theoretical-IP Transfer         80 project rooms open

Transgene detection

POSTED: AUG 27, 2007 DEADLINE: Under Evaluation $15,000 USD
A method for detecting transgenes at early stages of plant transformation is needed.


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  1. Excellent – I have just checked it out.

  2. Thanks for a great post! If you haven’t already – you might want to sign up for our monthly Solver Newsletter, you’ll find it very interesting. It’s full of articles from other Solvers, and tips from the InnoCentive Client Services team. Just go to our registration page and sign up as a Solver.

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