NZBio Conference – almost here

The NZBio Conference is just around the corner.

Chiasma is offering FREE entry to selected sessions of the conference for its Student Members

I will be there as part of the Chiasma team helping out the NZBio crew with conference admin duties

But I also intend to go to a few of the seminars.

Ones of interest include

  • Monday 11.30am – Successful Licensing Deals
  • Monday 2pm – Beyond the ditch – collaborating off shore
  • Tuesday 9am – Finding a Cure – Biotech Successes ( Cancer)
  • Tuesday 9am ( yes I am going to have to clone myself to attend this as well) – Bridging the Gap
  • Tuesday 1.30pm – Patent Perfect – Navigating the sea of scientific patents
  • Tuesday 3.30pm – World Tour – International Biotech Hotspots
  • Wednesday 11am – Opening Minds – Communicating Innovation to the Public

After circling these seminars, I realise they are mostly bio-business as apposed to scientific core. How un-PhD student like 😉

See you there


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