Biotech Showcase – 21st April – REVIEW

The inaugural Biotechnology Showcase hosted by NZBio was kicked off tonight. It profiled 4 NZ biotech companies that were trying to attract investment and 1 company that was an example of one that had already done so. The latter being LanzaTech’s3 2007 deal with Khosla ventures (a leading VC in the Cleantech arena)

Other words of mention: new NZTE biotech/ agritech sector director  Damein Lynch and the report by the RSNZ released recently that outlines NZ’s strategy for improving its science-based industries/ sectors.

1: Androgenix – presented by Brent Ogilvie (CEO) and Keith Hudson (CSO)

  • sperm sexing device
  • taking a bioinformatics approach to identify cell surface markers that facilitate identification of sperm. And is based on para-magnetic bed separation technology.
  • current method $40 with a 45% efficiency
  • androgenic method $20 with a 65% efficiency
  • market estimation – diary US$1.6billion, US$600mill swine, US$ 250mill beef
  • competition – GRI Ltd – uses flow cytometry methods
  • competition – Microbix Biosystems
  • Risk – unable to secure a patent as other companies have secured IP around the identifying molecules.

2: Ingredient Solutions – presented by Neil Domigan ( NMD Biotech

  • milk processing technology that allows the pasteurisation and separation of undenatured proteins (transferrin) from milk such that it retains it biological activity. This is not the case with traditional heat pastuerisation.
  • undenatured protein ingredient market – US$20 million

3: KODE Biotech – presented by CEO/CSO Steve Henry

  • have a focus which sees them as a IP-generating company
  • Core technology is based around molecules enabling the ‘painting’ of cells
  • looking for a $2million investment for 11% of KODE Biotech
  • this funding will be used for the spinning out of another company. This company is based on the application of the KODE technology for inhibiting viral infection – particularly HIV. It will also be used for the further development of KODE Biotech’s research core and further IP registrations
  • KODE is currently generating cash flow
  • predicted that on base operations in 2012 they will be generating $25mill, doubling by 2017
  • Currently have several strong partnerships and licensees – particularly Immunocore and CSL Bioplasma

4: Pulsecor – presented by CEO William Waite

  • blood pressure monitor that measures central blood pressure whereas traditional methods measure brachial pressure. It measures arterial compliance or, the stiffness of arteries. This is important as it gives a better indicator of heart/ blood pressure condition.
  • In addition to the tangible device itself, the core of Pulsecors technology is the software/ algorithm and technique/method.
  • they are ready to commercialise
  • Actually had their prototype on location that we go to try out after the speeches
  • They have customers placing orders in the $millions but are unable to fill due to having to meet certain regulatory compliance before reaching the market
  • US$1-2billion potential market, current market of US$218 mill
  • predict that the sales of 150 units will bring them to break even
  • they are seeking 1.5 mill – for use in development and meeting these regulatory issues.

At the conclusion of the presentations I had a few discussions with investors presents. The majority impressed with quality of the investment opportunities presented all of which were relatively small and most likely easy to fulfill.

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3 responses to “Biotech Showcase – 21st April – REVIEW

  1. I would certainly be interested to learn more about Pulsecor

  2. I personally have only just met/heard of them myself. Other than what is on the web (refer to links below). I can only suggest to get in contact with the CEO if you are interested in learning more about the product and company.

    Company Website:
    William’s Linkedin Profile :
    AUT Tech Park:


  3. Thanks Graeme, we’re on to it!

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