iPhone – New phone but same story

What blog doesn’t have a post about he iPhone today ? …. Anyhow today (8th July) Vodafone unveiled their call/data plans for the iPhone to be released this Friday. Unfortunately the building excitement turned into a fury of anger as it breached the budgets of most people. The cheapest plan locks you in for $80 over 24 months (for 250MB, 600TXTs, 120 mins). On top of this, the phone itself  will set you back$549 (8GB version).

Vodafone had a chance to use the brand/ hype/ marketing power that is the Apple iPhone to actually kick NZ’s 3G telecommunication network into gear. However in a somewhat unsurprising move they have produced what we have come to expect from our two providers. Here now lies an opportunity for Telecom to offer competitive counter-offer to capture the angry mob that previously had cash primed for wallet evacuation.

The backlash (and the odd of support) created by today’s release stimulated 12 pages of comments on the Your Views section of the Herald. Furthermore a herald article that followed (see if you can spot the GB/MB spelling mistake).

Update [12.7.08] – And it only gets better….


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