Spark 40K Qualifiers Announced

3rd July 08

This year there were a 14 qualifiers selected (increased again, from 12 in ’07 and 10 in previous years) to go through to the next round where they will undertake a mentoring/ workshop programme , produce a fully fledged business plan and pitch to the judging panel. Another addition for this year is the increased prize pool. There is a further $20K in ICEHOUSE incubation time up for grabs, hopefully translating more 40K startups into successes.

This year there was an amazing 5 ‘Bio/Health-related’ entries that qualified.

  • ClickTheClam
  • TENS
  • HealthNet
  • BioFusion
  • Guineapigs

Other successful entries included:

  • Project Green Apple
  • Ruler
  • elive Tutor
  • Txt2fly – Dream Team Infusion
  • GetAGenius Litd
  • SimFleet
  • Vigil Inc.
  • Konzept Business Solutions Ltd
  • Career Maps – Congrats to fellow Chiasma member Kerhan Woo who is leading this venture.

Click here to read a bit about each of the qualifying businesses.

Spark 10K Challenge & Spark Aspire Challenge deadlines are approaching quickly with both deadlines falling on the 3rd September, so start getting those ventures summaries together now. By winning prizes in the 10K Challenge over the past few years, I have found it a great tool for forcing you to produce a concise document that best portrays your business idea. This acts a foundation document from which to then compile your business plan. Furthermore by winning a 10K prize, picked out from 80 or so other entries, the onset of a sense of accomplishment acts as a tick in the right direction.


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