Spark Prizegiving – Guineapigs Wins !!

Guineapigs took out the grand 40K prize at this year’s Spark Prizegiving, picking up $20,000 in seed capital and another $10,000 worth of incubation time at the ICEHOUSE. Runners-up ClicktheClam received $10,000 in seed capital.

Guineapigs is a connecting portal to build a bridge between the research community and the general public; to connect researcher and participant. The objective of Guineapigs is to aid in the recruitment of participants for research interests, and to provide research knowledge and opportunities to the wider community.”

Being an emerging researcher I can see the strong need this solution will hopefully address as especially in the world of clinicians, recruitment of participants is a time consuming and soul wrenching process.

My partner and I were successful in picking up a 10K Challenge win for our Skinetix – Cosmeceutical Innovators , entry. This was based on our Chiasma I-Volve 2008 Competition winning proposal, KeraZyme, mentioned in a previous post. Two other Biomed/ Biotech entries that were also successful in the 10K included BrewMATE and Med-E3.  An interesting and encouraging fact relating to the demographics of the 10K competition was the various strike rates of each industry sector/field: Amazingly 60% of the Biomed/ Biotech based entries were awarded a 10K prize, Consumer/Retail 5%, Creative/Services 0%, IT hardware/software/web 20%, Manufacturing 10% and web 8%.

The details of the other 10K winners can be found here.

Spark also tried something new this year, initiating a Video Elevator Pitch Challenge. Simply pitch your idea in front of a camera in 55secs and upload it onto YouTube. 20 videos were submitted, competing for 3 prizes: Winner $1000, Runner-up $500 and Audience Choice $500.

After a couple of days of pondering over whether to submit a pitch or not, I was finally convinced when the competition deadline extension email arrived in my inbox. The videos submitted on YouTube up till then had been quite similar i.e. simply doing what the competition asked – pitch to a video camera. However I decided that if I was going to embarrass myself on the Internet and beyond, I might as do a good job. Hence the creation you see below. In addition to the finished copy of the video , I have also added a copy of the rhyme (extended version).

PDF File of Song: skinetix-rhyme


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  1. congratulations!! 🙂

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