The Auckland Biotech Network

In an earlier post I discussed the use of animated/ interactive maps as a means to geographically illustrate biotechnology clusters or hotbeds for regional marketing/ promotion purposes. Based on this I have been putting together the first few steps in developing a Auckland [Regional] Biotech Network map using Google Maps. Eventually developing a nationwide version. Because of Auckland’s relatively small local industry I  believe calling it a cluster (at this stage) is not appropriate [Despite the appeal to call it The ABC – Auckland Biotech Cluster ] as the term itself infers a ‘high density’ connotation. To some extent the ‘HotBed’ term also falls into this. Instead I would rather refer to it as a hub or network.

If you want to help contribute to this map, flick me a message so I can set up a collaboration on google maps.


Blue -Private Companies

Green – Support Service Organisations

Red – Public Sector Organisations – Hospitals, Tertiary Education Providers

Purple – Investment Organisations

Yellow Pin – The BioHub

The Auckland Biotech Network


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