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I have come across several times in my nightly web surfing rituals. I must say its a site all upcoming web entrepreneurs should be adding to their bookmarks. The website is an online resource for online start-ups featuring articles and videos focused on delivering advice about aspects of business start-up. The website also includes blogs and the an online community portal. In the blog section Ben Milsom, co-founder of Nexx (Spark 40K winner 2007), provides some great commentary about the journey of developing an online start-up. Like that of Idealog and Unlimited, ‘the website’ is part of the whole package that is required for modern publications to succeed – an offline AND online presence. The magazine was launched in Dec ’07 and is now in its second issue. Idealog has had some great success creating its Idealog TV resource, a collection short online videos based around interviews with influential people such as Geoff Ross (42 Below), David Skilling (NZ Institute) and Ray Avery ( Medcine Mondiale). Start-up has taken this one step further by creating a TV series for TVNZ (currently in production), Startup TV. The TV show follows the lives of NZ IT entrepreneurs as they seek to create successful businesses mixed in with a Dragons Den-like competition. The prize ? They get to launch their product at a Tech conference/meeting in Silicon Valley [Herald article]. Keep any eye out for it …


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  1. Hi Graheme, thanks for the post – glad to hear that you like the startup blog. We’re trying to make the posts relevant to others going through the process, so let us know if there are things that you would like to see. The TV show that Patrick and the guys at startup have put together will be great – its not really like a dragons-den show though. A bit more constructive in its approach, but still should be entertaining.

  2. Hey Ben
    Cheers for your comments
    Will let you know if I can think of anything brilliant
    Congrats by the way on your current funding success


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