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  • Time to sort those papers – FierceBioResearcher
  • i-phone applications for scientists – BitesizeBio (i-phone applications are a great example of pure innovative genius)
  • Biotech and the Credit Crunch – FierceBiotech


  • FAST Pitch Competition. After much deliberation about whether I should enter the competition last week, I finally decided against it. It was not the fact that I couldn’t prepare a stunning 60sec pitch J , but whether an early stage proposal (I wouldn’t call it a venture at this stage) would eligible or ‘serious’ enough for the competition. I mean for starters the only prize categories that would be applicable would be ‘Best Presentation Skills’ and ‘Audience Choice’. So I left it for next year when the proposal may be transformed into a venture. Aside from my entering jitters, they have recently announced the finalists for the competition cutting down 75 budding entrepreneurs to 12 finalists who will be pitching on the 12th of November at the UoA Business school. The event has already filled up and should be a great night especially with Geoff Ross as the keynote speaker. It is also great to see the Spark 40K runner up, Click the Clam in the finals.
  • Another ICEHOUSE event happening next week is the KICKSTART Seminar on the 13th Nov. Apparently it’s a full on day consisting of workshops, discussions and seminars from 7.30am till 4pm. It aims at providing early entrepreneurs with a skill set to launch their venture. Fortunately I have been asked to attend (free) through the University.
  • Another important update is that the 2010 Greencard lottery has been open for a month or so now and will close on the 1st December. Apparently approx 260 kiwis are successful each year. So I think I’ll give it a go this year. Its all online this time and as always the hardest thing to do is providing a strict ‘to the book’ photo of yourself – remember don’t bother smiling.
  • Kickstart (different to above mentioned icehouse seminar) & Audacious – After the MBE forum with Peter Fennessy, I went back to the Kickstart/ Audacious website to investigate their mentoring schemes. The program that Peter is involved is the Business Coaching/Mentoring and the ‘ food for thought’ (business version of pdf) services. At UoA, the Spark program also does this through their 40K Challenge where finalists are paired up with mentors to aid them in compiling their business plans (this can also continue post competition). Also through spark there is also a colloquial opportunity whenever there is a need to link up with someone such as a mentor. However there may be an opportunity to set up a formal approach, similar to kickstart, where several ‘gurus of business’ are available for contact outside the challenges for advice/mentoring purposes.


  • According to Doing business project NZ now ranks 2nd as the country with the greatest ease to do business in (out of 181 economies).
  • If in doubt over which party to vote for have a look at the Bill and Ben Party (Check the back of your Party list brochure). The guys from Pulp Sport have teamed up to create their own party. With tertiary students making up 14% of the NZ population, they may get close to that 5% threshold.




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