Around the Bio Blogs

  • Yali Friedman, the author of Building Biotechnology has recently launched his biotechnology teaching resource website. It covers aspects from the core science to the business of biotechnology. Link
  • The top 10 science breakthroughs of 2008. My fav #2. Link
  • IN Cell Image Competition hosted by GE Healthcare. Check out the top 30 images, they will blow your mind. It may be my inner geek speaking but one of these on a canvas would make a nice piece of art. Link
  • I need to get an iPhone! The top 10 life science related applications for the iPhone/iTouch. #1 I have mentioned before. I am still waiting for a Windows version to arrive. #8 would be handy and #3 is just cool. Link
  • US$68 billion? economic downturn? Link
  • Roche in a buying mood as well. Link
  • The first stem cell treatment enters FDA trials. Link
  • The new GFP = only 6 a.a. long. Link
  • Enough iron in your sea?. A previous exam essay question for me, hence the interest. Link


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