Offshore Incubators

Despite our patriotism to seed and conduct business here in Aotearoa the reality is that more often that not companies need to establish overseas offices in order  grow their business (especially with the lack of NZ capital markets)  beyond our boarders.

The benefits of being based within your foreign market is — ACCESS !!

  • access to capital
  • access to talent
  • access to other businesses
  • access to market/s

Now that we have established this

Does NZ have office spaces (with on hand business support services) in foreign markets solely to house NZ companies that are seeking to expand into these markets?

Think of… a sort of overseas incubator (post start-up obviously). Companies can set themselves up over there with ease, quickness and with low cost. After getting settled they can move on out to their own offices

I notice that NZTE has recently launched the NZ Centre in Shanghai which offers event, promotion, meeting, hospitality and networking facilities designed to help companies grow their business in China.

Untitled (Ref:NZTE)

Marry the above with office spaces and support ( typical of incubators but focused on establishing themselves in these markets) and locate them in several cities within the large markets ( San Francisco, Boston, Tokyo, London/ Cambridge, Berlin) and we might have a very powerful avenue to help NZ build truly global businesses.

But is it feasible? is it worth it? are we doing it already?


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2 responses to “Offshore Incubators

  1. Just saw this today – based in UK, in assoc. with Made From NZ:

  2. Saw this advertised on the side on Facebook
    Soda Inc – Hamilton incubator

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