Spark $100K Qualifiers

Recently Spark announced the winners of its $100K Qualifiers round. This stage saw 12 teams awarded a place in the ‘finals’ or qualify for the next phase where they undergo further workshops and mentoring to convert their 5 page venture summaries into full business plans. The judging of these teams will involve not only the assessing the business plans but also presenting a pitch to the judging panel. The winner will walk away with $20K worth of seed capital and $10K worth of ICEHOUSE incubation.

The 12 teams include

  1. Metabo-LINK: novel fungicides for the agricultural industry.
  2. Green Loos: designs and hires out eco-friendly portable composting toilets.
  3. Health Green NZ: NZ Seafood products
  4. Huka Hurtle: Adventure tourism
  5. Team Cube Brick: Loyalty points program for charity
  6. NTouch Networks: Software for touch screens
  7. Blindvision: Navigation technologies for the vision impaired
  8. Redlights: Red light camera technologies
  9. Nova Eco Tech Ltd: Natural gas conversion technologies for petroleum based automobiles
  10. Buy2gether: n/a
  11. TwoNeeds:NGO marketplace and resource management
  12. Landmarker: Precision agricultural/ farming technologies


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