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I recently commented on the NZ Angels blog about a post discussing the New Zealand Institutes report on ‘ lifting innovation ecosystem performance ‘

Check it out here.

On a similar note there have been a couple of other notable reports that have been published.

  • a report released by the office of the PM’s science advisor presents the results from a recent workshop about what is needed to help translate NZ research to economic benefit. Download here.
  • Driving Economic Growth through Bio-Based Industries: The 2009 Bioeconomy Industry Summit Report. View here. It was good to see them recognise the Bioscience Enterprise program at the University of Auckland, too bad they forgot about Chiasma despite it addressing some key issues highlighted in the report (point 9.5 and 9.6). It also excluded some other developments  e.g. the LENS classroom at the Liggins institute which is responsible for exposing high school students to careers in science (point 9.6); FRST industry fellowships for fresh grads, The Institute of Innovation for Biotechnology at the University of Auckland. It also includes some weird ‘progresses to date’ e.g. MoRST’s future watch program – does anyone even know about this? I am also getting quite concerned with the number of times (in addition to this report) I read about the need to keep PhD students in NZ following doctorate completion. Going overseas to pursue your science research is not a bad thing, in fact its actually good. Why? You get an international perspective, experience and connections working at the world’s leading research institutes with world leading researchers. The more important aspect of this debate is making sure individuals return to NZ following this experience and then capitalising on it (glad to see the report mentions this also). Also keep in mind at present NZ is oversupplied with science grads, there is simply not enough jobs out there. Go check or trademe jobs if you doubt this. But wait it doesn’t stop there. Over supply typically = lower wages. Lower wages = less incentives to stay in NZ. A vicious cycle indeed.
  • New Zealand’s research, science and technology priorities: feedback document. “ The government is currently setting priorities for research, science and technology and is seeking feedback from the sector. This document seeks your comments on the government’s proposed investment structure, the balance between investment areas and on the areas in which it is proposed research platforms might be established. “ Feedback due 18th Nov.



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