NZ Universities on iTunes


Being the proud new  and slightly show off (come on who wouldn’t) owner of an iPhone I have begun to really check out iTunes.

While I knew your big Universities such as your Stanfords, Cambridges and Oxfords were using iTunes to publish seminars etc who would even conceive NZ to be on there. Turns out Otago University, Waikato University and Southern Institute of Technology all are.

According to a Herald article the universities have been sharing “academic files including guest lectures and special lecture series, plus campus tours, student profiles, the 2010 prospectus for international students, brochures and a lot more.”


With the ubiquitous nature of iPods (and hopefully iPhones soon enough) these days this poses a great way to disseminate knowledge, especially to the younger tech savvy generations. Considering that a lot of lectures are video recorded and/or streamed online anyway such a move should be a natural extension. And because you’re dealing with apple the process should be stress free.

Think of the benefits when studying. You are trying to remember what your lecturer said while you were dozing in that early morning genetics lecture (it happens to everyone). Out of your pocket and at the click of a button you have reference to the semester’s entire lecture series. Powerful indeed.

Come on UoA! You’re dragging your feet.


Graeme @


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