So that was 2009

Happy New Year all!

Back at the start of ‘09 I reluctantly set out a few goals and now has come the time to review that list.

  • ‘Complete a solid year in the lab so I can actually finish my PhD on time’ – PASS – It was definitely a solid year (Ref: My annual review), I am closer but still a lot to get done by the due date 1st Sept.
  • ‘Complete a first author publication from my PhD research’ – FAIL – science being science didn’t let me complete this one. However one co-authorship paper submitted and one first author review almost submitted softened the fail. First, first author research publication deferred till mid year now.
  • Formalise my bio-innovation business and commercialise a product/service – FAIL – Being someone who frequently over commits himself this was always going to be a unrealistic one. While the skeleton of a start-up is there the commitment of human resources is not.  2010 is not looking much better for getting this underway (refer below).
  • ‘Blog at least twice a week, in smaller blocks of text and with less spelling errors’ – FAIL. Turns out I ended up blogging just over 1post per week. As for the spelling, there’s bound to be a few errors in this post.
  • ‘Create and seize greater ‘opportunities’ both in number and scale’ –  Despite not being able to quantify such a goal I believe this to be a PASS. One thing I have noticed that opportunities now come about with greater ease or pace and they tend to have greater impact. This ranges from my Stanford trip or successful fundraising to helping people get job (in a recession I might add) or having success come about from introducing two people to one another.
  • ‘Visit at least two cities outside NZ’ – Easy PASS – Sydney, LA, San Fran, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix.

Overall a 50% pass rate 🙂

So what does 2010 hold?

Well… the big news being that I have recently taken up the role of Spark, The University of Auckland’s Entrepreneurship Challenge, Chief Executive Officer. [Plug into your calendars now the 18th March 5.30pm @ Auckland Uni Business School for Spark’s Annual Launch – further details to come]. This now guarantees that  I have a very demanding and over committing 2010 ahead of me.

In terms of the 2010 goals then:

  • To actually see more of NZ other than just the Coromandel (yes i know bad bad Aucklander)
  • Complete GMAT exams and apply for business school (for 2011)
  • Finish the PhD – 1Sept thesis submission date
  • Publish 2 papers
  • Present at a conference
  • Plan a 2 month trip to UK/ Europe for 2011.
  • Organise a post thesis submission ‘opportunity’ – 6 months of contract/probono ‘work’ or  launch my business. I need a COO if anyone wants a job. Preferably a well networked bioscience post graduate with some serious drive and natural sales skills.
  • Take Spark  and ‘tip it’.
  • Get realistic about posting frequencies haha – once a week will do fine in combination with my tweets @graemefielder and spark newsletters/updates.
  • Create a syndicated blog ( I’ve actually started working on it already) built around biotech/pharma/ medtech, business/entrepreneurship, professional development for tertiary students and NZ. Bloggers will be young kiwi  business savvy bioscientists/ bioentreprenerus with a passion to succeed globally.



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