Time  for a few biobusiness related tidbits:

  1. ASA404/ DMXAA progressing. The deal worth $1bill is approaching NZ!
  2. Biovittoria IPO doesn’t cut it. Unfortunate. Not only a cool product but a great example of social entrepreneurship.
  3. MTANZ and NZBIO conferences are just around the corner.
  4. FRST post doctoral fellows announced – Well done Kate! ( an UoA Alumnus, fellow Stanford SIE participant and friend).
  5. Colorado bioscience industry report. I am a big fan of the bioscience scene, start-up/ entrepreneurial (check out TechStars) seen in Colorado.
  6. Genzyme on the brink.
  7. Genentech’s RA drug, ACTEMRA is approved by the FDA.
  8. Great post about good lab practice. I need to do more of this.
  9. Is the venture capital model broken? Cool comparison between Boston and the Valley.
  10. LCT full steam ahead with EU patent granted for NTCELL.


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