Start-up ecosystems & my two cents

Just added my two cents on the recent post by ‘the scientist NZ’ on sciblogs

Hey Aaron
I too believe we are on the right track. We have a lot of the pieces in place and we currently in the process of tweaking, streamlining and bring about cohesiveness between them. With the multiple reports, taskforces and strategies being published in the last year or so it is obvious that we know what these ‘tweaks’ need to be. It is ultimately ‘time’ that is needed. Time for experience to develop, time for more international successes to occur, time for greater pools of capital to develop and time for the underlying culture that fuel these entrepreneurial/ innovation ecosystems to be more widely adopted. ‘Time’ doesn’t suggest that we should just wait around though. It is time with action. How am I contributing to this system development ? is ultimately a question those of us involved in it should be asking of ourselves on a regular basis. NZ will never be a silicon valley but neither will Boston, Singapore or Colorado. We will be our own kiwi system. All in all I see us in the latter third of this ‘first decade’ still and am looking forward to a productive twenty ten.




Graeme @


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