Unlimited Articles

I have been recently commenting on a couple of online Unlimited articles.

Every now and then you come across an article that articulates exactly what you are thinking. This is one of these. ‘ A Prescription for a Prosperous New Year’. My comment in bold.


connecting the dots
Great read Tony. I am particularly fond supporter of showing how innovation , productivity , prosperity relate to one another (as you have in this article) and how this translates into actionable objectives or (if it goes wrong) consequences for society (businesses and the public). We are great at talking about the buzz words but not explaining them so that everyone actually gets them – the latter is essential for moving policies/targets into epidemic action.


The second one ‘ Bringing Silicon Valley to the Manawatu’.


More Tracys
We need more Tracys. Entrepreneurs that can link up with university technology and run with it. Licensing will remain the most viable ( best compromise between risk and payout) option for tech transfer offices until they have more human resources to lead spinouts.


Graeme @ graemefielder.com


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