Internal Innovation

How to promote innovation within a research facility?

Try hosting your own internal innovation competition or POC fund or exploratory pilot grant.

This doesn’t have to be a substantial amount of money, just enough to allow a researcher to test drive that theory, that idea, that new technique or that concept.

As researchers we are too locked into our day to day research demands of our core projects. There is little opportunity provided  to allow one to act upon  those series of possible side experiments, those new connections between literature and observations that you have made or those new controversial hypotheses that plague the scientists’ mind.

Within my own research institute such a stimulus/opportunity was initiated last year in the form of a research innovation award of $12,500 to pursue novel outside of current projects with an emphasis of inter research group collaboration. I was quite impressed albeit surprised. The next round is coming up soon. I’m preparing my entry as we speak. 🙂


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