Bioscience Summer Internships

Now is the time when summer internships for university students start to be marketed.

In terms of bioscience research there are several different sources where you can find these internships. Below are the ones I am aware of:

  1. Chiasma
  2. School of Biological Sciences – NB: you can also find ones for HRC, Auckland City Council, Comvita and Landcare Research on here.
  3. Fonterra
  4. Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences
  5. Plant & Food Research

For undergraduate bioscience students these studentships/ internships are a valuable addition to your career development. I cannot speak more highly of them. During your undergraduate studies you are only exposed to a limited number of techniques/ skills and small scale investigations. Summer studentships provide you with a more potent dose of laboratory experience all in the space of 10-12 weeks.

  • You get to learn a number of different techniques in-depth.
  • You are able to implement your recently acquired knowledge into to actual practical research.
  • You get to learn how a research investigation is undertaken.
  • You get to learn how a laboratory functions.
  • You get to work with leading New Zealand scientists, postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers – all great sources of knowledge and advice for you to absorb.
  • They can be a great sources of postgraduate research projects.
  • You get to test if a bioscience research career is for you.
  • You get $$.

Even if you don’t end up working in lab this short stint in a laboratory environment is immensely valuable for your future career. Check them out!


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