Icehouse Google Advert

Just came across a Google advert for the ICEHOUSE on the end of a blog post on the popular ‘A VC’ Blog by Fred Wilson. I don’t know about generating new prospects for the ice accelerator programme but definitely great international exposure!




Graeme @


2 responses to “Icehouse Google Advert

  1. Google knows you’re viewing this website from New Zealand. When advertising with Google its pretty typical to limit the views to certain geographic regions. IN the case of the Icehouse I’m assuming thats just New Zealand.

    Likewise, this blog gets its google advertising automatically generated by Google based of key words in the content of the page and header etc – at least in their RSS feeds.

    Bottom line, the ICEHOUSE isn’t going to international blogs and securing advertising space, what the are doing is trying to reach out to a specific group… people like you… and it looks like it works 🙂

    1000 unread…. tut tut 🙂

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