TechNZ Innovation Forum

I attended the TechNZ (FRST) Innovation Forum at the end of June. It was essentially a showcase of New Zealand’s emerging technologies, products and tech-based businesses matched with networking opportunity. Below are just a few notes from the day.

Vincent Heeringa – business journalist and publisher

“NZ doesn’t have enough cows or bungy jump locations” – in relation to our dependency on agriculture and tourism to drive our economy going forward.

“need to be weightless not carcass”, “high value not high volume”

Vinod Khosla – VC of Khosla Ventures

  • Didn’t read fiction books. Found non fiction more fun.
  • Black Swan = Represents large leaps in technological advancement. They are typically unforeseen/ unpredictable.
  • We are not simply seeing the population increasing. A lot of people are moving into a new lifestyle that demand more energy. Going to need multiples of the worlds resources to meet this demand.
  • We can be more productive but that’s not good enough
  • Licensing technology just doesn’t work. The organisation that takes on the license just doesn’t have a passion to make it happen. 
  • Wants scientists with a passion to lead the charge of these new start ups. Allow scientists the opportunity to leave their job to commercialise the tech they have invented and then allow them to come back to their previous jobs if they want.
  • “The only predication I have is that people can’t predict. Technology that is truly ground breaking cannot be predicted. But we can encourage more shoots at goal”



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