I’ve always wanted to go check out Biopolis – the centre of biomedial research in Asia/Pacific. My inner geek has been googling through the facility’s website from time to time, just to see what I’m missing out on.

ENTER – the power of networking

Turns out a previous colleague of my PhD supervisor now works in Singapore……..within Biopolis.

So today I visited Biopolis, particularly Proteos.


If your not familiar with Biopolis it is a facility detected to biomedical research. Each specific discipline is split up into a different building: Nanos, Proteos, Helios, Centros, Matrix, Chromos, Genome, Synapse, Aminos, Immunos, Neuros.

Each are inhabited by a mixture of academics ( NUS and NTU) and industry. The 13 floor buildings are connected by sky bridges. Each floor in each building is pretty similar. Each individual research laboratory is fitted around the outside of the building with central facilities shared by all groups located in the centre. They also have a wicked as common room (fooseball and pool tables!!)

Phases 1-3 (phase includes a focus on translational and clinical research well as medtech). Phase 4 is underway and is focused around clinical trials. 

The lab group that I visited was lead by Prof Simon Cool, an Australian, working on bioactive carbohydrates. Interestingly he works closely with NZ CRI, Industrial Research Limited. Here is link to his lab web page

I also ran into Sir. Peter Gluckman, the PMCSA for NZ, in the middle of Biopolis where he spends some of his time running his 150 person research lab.


Below are some photos of my short visit.



Out the front of Biopolis


Even the road signs appeal to us geeks with names like Biopolis Way, Biomedial Grove and Science Park ave.


Enough said.




Some good photos showing the sky bridges linking the buildings


Ling, the postdoc I met up with from Prof. Simon Cool’s laboratory.


Another neat thing about Biopolis is that when you take a birds-eye view of the place the buildings have been designed in the shape of a helix.



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  1. That’s crazy. Maybe I’ll have some kind of future with a biomed.

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