1Above–the aerotonic flight beverage

I remember hearing [a while back] about this new drink claiming to counter the crap effects of air travel i.e. jetlag.

On my way out of Auckland Airport this month I came across it, 1Above – the aerotonic flight beverage. Reading through the flyer it claims to counter everything from DVT, a compromised immune system and jet lag – essentially hydration and vitamin replacement. So when you arrive at your destination you can hit the ground running more than if you hadn’t had a swig of 1Above.

Having some time to kill I had a chat with the sales rep and a few shots of the stuff. Nothing amazing but nothing horrible either. I guess you’re not really drinking it for a sugar buzz or to satisfy your taste buds. What I found interesting is the suggested drinking schedule. [ doing a quick google when compiling this post, Siouxsie Wiles on Sciblogs had the exact experience and basically summed up my thoughts as well]. I required at least 2.2L for my flight to Singapore. If I remember rightly the aerotonic comes in max 1L BPA-free bottle (quite styley). While I give them points for actually having a canteen type vessel with a built in cup meant obviously to be used again, I really can’t see my self buying at least three of these things to carry on board to fulfill my suggested schedule. Instead I boarded with my 500mL Powerade which  I refilled with good ole H2O throughout the duration of the flight.

Strangely (or maybe not given how they play up the jargon in their marketing) I (or Siouxsie Wiles ) cannot find any trial data to back up their claims.

Despite these issues I still saw several people on my flight who shelled out NZ$6.50 to purchase one.

PRESS RELEASE – http://www.fly1above.com/sites/default/files/1Above%20Launch%20Press%20Release.pdf





Graeme @ graemefielder.com


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