Update in Biotech & Biz


Being overseas for most of the year and removed from much of the happenings of the rest of the world I’ve missed out on a lot of biotech and biz start-up news. Here are the main things I have caught up with to date:

  1. The Dendreon/ Provenge screw up.
  2. Gilead buys Genentech’s biologics manufacturing facility.
  3. Google buys Motorola Mobility and Google Plus is launched.
  4. Roche melanoma blockbuster.
  5. Australian R&D tax credit.
  6. Cancer killing virus.
  7. Start-up America launches. 
  8. Peter Thiel – funds college kids to quit college. And another article opposing the idea.
  9. 2011 Fierce 15 Biotech Companies.
  10. Techstars TV goes live.
  11. Patent reform bill gets approval.
  12. Genentech breast cancer drug looks promising.
  13.   Harvard life sciences accelerator. 
  14. Low participation rates in cancer trials.
  15. Genetic screening of 9000 tumours.


For more local developments:

  1. Squid Gel a commercial success.
  2. MSI – Fast track for digital entrepreneurs.
  3. MSI – undergrad summer internship fellowships.
  4. The San Fran Launch Pad. http://www.klp.org.nz/
  5. The Spark $100k Challenge Finalists.
  6. The Unlimited Investment Challenge Finalists.
  7. E&Y Entrepreneur of Year Finalists.
  8. ICE Ideas Conference & 3000.org.nz.
  9. Rob Adams in NZ. Article.
  10. Peter Thiel in NZ . ICE ideas conference.
  11.   Steve Blank coming to NZ.
  12.   Start up weekends.
  13.   Xero & Orion – mass hire. Media article here.
  14.   RWC activities – The Rutherford innovation show case & NZBIO showcasing NZs clinical trial expertise. Also tech trade & investment forum.
  15. Idealog’s MSI-sponsored Guide to Innovation
  16.   Auckland City’s Development Plan for ‘ Creating the world’s most liveable city’.
  17.   Right Hemisphere acquired by SAP.



Graeme @ graemefielder.com


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