The Benefit of Start-up Weekends


If you’re not familiar with it, Auckland Start-Up Weekend (AKLSW) is 54 hour (the weekend) event to create new projects/ businesses (typically around but not limited to mobile/web tech).

In NZ they currently run Auckland and Wellington editions. Today, Auckland’s second instalment of the event rounded up (Wellington has their next one on 4th Nov).  Ten teams had formed, developed their concepts and now pitched to the panel of judges.

The winner? Was team ‘Audioscribe’ with their innovative approach to the speech to text transcription market. However several other teams also pitched outstanding businesses and are to be commended. It’s amazing what these guys/ gals achieved over the weekend and hopefully they will keep working towards launching their businesses. Congrats to Jason and other organisers for a wicked event.

In addition to the fact that businesses are actually created out of this event, what I really like about this event is the fact that it draws in people from all over entrepreneurial spectrum. Developers, business managers, start-up enthusiasts, marketers, designers all coming together to form teams and build cool shit.

They act as a great vehicle for engaging working professionals and providing them with an environment where they can get their first taste of entrepreneurship in a short time frame. Providing an insight into  entrepreneurship being a valid career path. This is an area where I think their has been a gap in the NZ entrepreneurial education/ exposure market per se.

Keep going team!


Graeme @

Insert: Photo, post pitching, at the AKLSW.


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