Today I realised I really need to STOP, READ & THINK more often.Stop-Sign-Beatty-Nevada-USA_web

As our lives get increasingly complex and fast paced we find ourselves adopting a result driven work ethic to perform at our max productivity.

This is something that I have experienced when pursuing my PhD time and time again. You get totally fixated on pumping out results.

While most of the time this is a good thing, this work ethic can kill off that innovative and creative core that makes ‘cool things happen’.

Because I’m now at the stage of my thesis where it’s forcing me to STOP, READ & THINK on a daily basis, I’ve suddenly realised the benefits I’ve been missing out on by not doing this more often.

Schedule days when you do give yourself time to chill out and read up on the latest news, broaden your knowledge base or re-interpret/evaluate your outputs (e.g. data, results, reports). It is then neurons will start firing. Ideas will connect with one another. Revelations will appear. Concepts will evolve and hypotheses will be born.

The result?

Discoveries & innovation! 


Graeme @

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