A wealth of food and beverage market data.

Since taking up a business development role at Plant and Food Research a few weeks ago, I’ve been reading a lot into NZ’s Food and Beverage industry, particularly nutraceuticals and functional food. And I’ve come across some great resources produced by MED and NZTE.

The Ministry of Economic Development has recently commissioned the Food and Beverage Information Report.

This five year project, not only gives overview of the NZ food and beverage industry but also investigates in depth, several key sectors e.g. seafood, wine, processed foods, dairy, functional food and nutraceuticals. The functional food report is particularly impressive because it provides some clarity around an industry that is quite fragmented and fraught with product differentiation and credibility issues. This report is the first to really define and quantify the industry. There are also reports on specific global markets ( only Singapore to date).

To add to this wealth of market data, NZTE has also released a number of market intelligence reports for the global food and beverage industry over the past couple of years, many just being released over the past month. For example the F&B market in Australia, Malaysia, China, functional food in Korea, health food market in China, the list continues. However I’m hanging out for a Japanese F&B market report to be released.


Graeme @ graemefielder.com


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