Visit to Waikato Innovation Park

This week I got the opportunity to go down and check out the Waikato Innovation Park (WIP), located just outside Hamilton CBD. WIP is a hub of Ag-Biotech businesses mixed with support services, 50+ businesses in total. It is also the home of the ‘AgBio Cluster’.

In the area is the Ruakura Research Centre where Plant and Food Research, AgResearch, Landcare and Dexcel sites are based. The University of Waikato is also down the road and their tech transfer office, Waikatolink, base themselves at the Park as well.

Other than the main building, a second building (Phase 2) is also up and running with a cornerstone tenant, Tetra Pak. And under construction in a third building is a spray drying facility which forms the Waikato component of the Government-sponsored New Zealand Food Innovation Network. It is envisioned that it will be mainly used to produce infant formula and fruit and vegetable powders.

WIP is more developed than I personally thought it was before checking it out for myself. Walking down main street of the building you certainly feel a great buzz in the air where chance opportunities are the norm and entrepreneurial minds are collaborating. Hope to back again soon.



CIMG9044 CIMG9039


The main building.




A tree-lined entrance into the Park!


Components of the Ag Bio Cluster.



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