My business model canvas

The business model (BM) canvas, a concept created by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur and co, is quickly becoming the standard method for mapping out a new potential business idea. This even includes within business development/ new opportunity teams in large corporate enterprises. It is also making its way into the classroom.

From the original canvas has been a series of variants tailored for a particular audience. e.g. refer to links below.

I’ve followed suit and made my own version. This is because I have just wanted one that is for a new business venture that is in plain English. Simple enough to give it to someone new to the start-up world.

For each of my new venture opportunities, both my own and that of my employer, I user this canvas for scoping out an idea.  This becomes the basis for testing hypotheses associated with different parts of the model.

Download GCF BM Canvas here.

Haven’t heard about the BM canvas and its use?

Check out:



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