Lab Trader NZ Ltd Update

So I launched a business a few months back now, Lab Trader NZ Ltd. So far its been great. Of course there have been a few road bumps, but nothing serious…yet. The key thing I’ve achieved to date is confirming there is a need for my business. And I don’t mean just simply asking people if they would use it. I mean getting people paying money to use the service.

So far we/I :

  • have approx $80,000 worth of lab equipment transactions loaded on to the online marketplace And another $10,000 offline.
  • have saved researchers over $25,000 in lab equipment purchases by providing great quality use lab equipment.
  • are turning a profit.
  • have received praise from our clients i.e. ‘this is a great idea’.
  • are seeing repeat purchasing behaviour.
  • have received media attention here.
  • have found it very easy to find equipment to sell, but as expected regarding selling this equipment.


What’s next?

  • Get some more staff.
  • Become an official supplier on all university and CRI procurement systems.
  • Broaden our network of prospective ‘Lab Traders’ (buyers & sellers).
  • Seal more deals!


Hope to update you again soon.



One response to “Lab Trader NZ Ltd Update

  1. Jennifer Nickel

    Great work Graeme!! Fantastic to see its going well!

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