Let us imagine…

While at the KiwiNet events over the past two days, one of the activities we participated in was a ‘visualisation’ of what New Zealand looked like if it had become a widely recognised, global exemplar of a thriving innovation ecosystem.  I took my chance to paint my utopian kiwiland:




  1. Global talent lives here. It has been sourced globally and has chosen NZ not because of the pretty mountains, the beautiful beaches, the honey or the milk but because of the career opportunities it provides.
  2. The talent pool being spit out by the tertiary education system is directly aligned with the needs of NZ organisations. There is no large oversupply or over demand for people.
  3. Society appreciates and understands the role that science, innovation and business plays in maintaining their lifestyle, environment and community.
  4. Scientists are held up for their commercial successes as much as they are for their publications, their PBRF standings and their grants obtained, by their peers. Similarly, scientists are able to progress their careers through engaging in commercial endeavours at no slower rates than if they remained in academia.
  5. Creating global companies from NZ has become a career ambition of many
  6. Business and science superstars are held in the same respect as our All Blacks.
  7. Expats are returning because of the above.

How close are we to achieving these?



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