I recently had to give a talk at a Chiasma event in Auckland. My brief was to essentially talk on the theme ‘inspire’  and its relevance to me. Given I’d made the the effort to put some opinions together for this, I thought it was sharing them here as well. Enjoy!


Why is inspiration important?

Inspiration is important because it provides the fuel you need to do what you REALLY want to do.

Inspiration has broadened my perception of what I believe I can achieve.

As you move through the different stages of your education e.g. high school, undergrad, postgraduate, your world is broadened. You met new people who are succeeding at new levels. Levels you hadn’t previously considered were achievable by you. A new norm is set and a new bar is set.

What inspires me?

I never really derived inspiration from the Bill Gatess and Mark Zuckerburgs of the world. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly are amazing and impresive, but I wouldn’t say they inspire me. For me to be inspired I need a something a bit closer to some, something with a bit more realism and with greater relevance. I need to be able to visualise how I could go from where I am now to standing in that person’s shoes.

Interestingly, after having a few successes here and there and after having the bar set higher and higher,  some of these individuals that lacked relevance or realism 5 years ago feel much closer now.

Who inspires me now?

People who I know and people that I have worked with. This includes business colleagues, friends and family that are succeeding in their various endeavours (for me particularly entrepreneurial ones) . Whilst still at the beginning of their journey they (Priv Bradoo, Alexei Dunaeyv, Logan Wait, Wared Seger, Chris White, Fady Mishriki (google them) +many others),  truly are inspiring. It also extends out to Kiwis I’ve met that are doing well on global stage e.g. Rod Drury, Sean Simpson, David Darling, Vaughan Rosswell, Colin Green.

What have they inspired me to do?

They have inspired me to:

  • avoid the ‘work for the sake’ of work situation and the climb of  corporate ladder.
  • follow what I want and not necessarily what I should or am expected to do.
  • go beyond the expectations and challenge the status quo.
  • have the confidence that I can do it

The last word

(context: I was talking to a group of students that were in leadership positions)

I think this last bit is very important for today’s audience. You may not be aware of it but in your positions within Chiasma, you are already in a role of delivering inspiration to others. Through your involvement with Chiasma and its impact on your non-traditional academic experience you will acquire insights and knowledge that others value. Be mindful of this and continue to influence and stretch the perspectives of others.


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