What’s in a name?


Today we had a presentation from Alexandra Watkins of Eat my Words  about what makes a great company name? Here are some key points I jotted down:

Names are harder to remember than we think. How easy do you think it is to remember your name? Pretty easy right? Now, how many times have you forgotten other peoples name? A lot.

  • A name should make you SMILE instead of SCRATCH your head
    • Enter the Scratch & Smile test (Ref: Eat My Words)

smile scratch

  • Name the product first and then the company
  • Domain names
    • Don’t look up the domain name until the last moment. Too often are great names lost simply because companies can’t get the exact domain name for it. This is backward thinking.
    • If they don’t get your website on first go by typing/guessing the url, it really only takes them 3 secs longer to find you via google. It’s an overrated barrier.
    • Get over 4 or 5 letter urls. There aren’t any good ones left and they are over rated. Just look at this domain name ‘ previouslyownedbyagayman.com’. It’s long but its extremely memorable.

Biggest tip: Looking for a name? Go to iTunes. Get inspired by the name of a song or movie. Names are able to be repurposed in this manner without the liability of  infringement.

Alexandra has a book coming out later this year called ‘Hello my name is Awesome’ where she divulges some of her naming tips and tricks.



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