Have an opinion

I’ve never been much of an opinionated person. Correction, I have never been much of person who has vocalized my opinion, at least in a professional setting. However, now being part of the American lifestyle where opinions are rife,  I find myself adapting a little.


Many people, myself included, tend to hold back from sharing because  they feel they don’t have enough information (yet) to form a complete opinion of value. Attached to this can be a lack of confidence in their ability to deliver this (perceived) incomplete opinion.

Being more opinionated makes you more interesting, it makes you appear more intelligent, it generates better discussion, and you’re more likely to have an impact on someone else and be remembered. However, it comes with a warning. It is a fine balance between this and going over the top. Here you become that person that doesn’t listen to others and is full of sh*t.


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