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Kia ora,

I’m Graeme.

The best way to describe who I am is one part bioscientist, one part entrepreneurial business leader and two parts kiwi.

To expand on this, I am a bioscientist according to the academic system. I completed my PhD (Molecular Medicine) at the The Liggins Institute,  University of Auckland (UoA), New Zealand. Here I investigated the role of novel genes involved in many cancers, but particularly breast cancer. Before that I completed a Bachelor of Technology (Hons.) (Biotechnology) also at the UoA. I have a strong passion for all things relating to science but especially in the life science space, whether it be human therapeutics, agricultural or industrial biotech.

I have recently completed my MBA studies at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, CA, USA. Prior to arriving at Stanford I worked at the New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research Ltd as a Business Development Manager. In this role I was responsible for commercialising of intellectual property developed from government funded research programmes.  This includes functional foods and ingredients, nutraceuticals & natural products, processing technologies, software tools and horticultural solutions.  Additionally, I sought to develop domestic and international (particularly Asia) strategic partnerships with food companies.

Throughout my University of Auckland tertiary education journey I have been heavily involved with entrepreneurship and biotech innovation. More specifically, I have led (Industry Liaison 2006, CEO 2007, Chairperson 2008 ) a student lead non-profit organisation, called Chiasma. At Chiasma we sought to promote biotech innovation while linking the academic community with the wider NZ biotech industry. Spark is another non-profit organisation which promotes entrepreneurship throughout the academic community. Through my tenure at Spark, I was able to contribute the shaping of Auckland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Alongside my PhD , Chiasma and Spark commitments I have also pursued my own entrepreneurial ventures. This includes launching  Lab Trader NZ, an online broker and reseller of used laboratory equipment in NZ.  It’s mission was to improve the access to laboratory equipment and reduce its financial burden by facilitating the buying and selling of used equipment. More recently, I have also pursued a venture in cancer therapeutics, Mesopharm Therapeutics Inc.

Today I am based in San Francisco, USA working in the biopharmaceutical industry with a focus on gene therapy and orphan diseases.

With the rest of my time I enjoying travelling and experiencing new cultures, playing any sport available (at the last count I’ve played over 15), enjoying what NZ has to offer, socialising, attending sci/biz events, reading business, entrepreneurship, innovation and social science literature (blogs, books and magazines). I am passionate about my home country and I am driven to become a leading figure in its economic growth.

Feel free to drop me a line. I’m always open to meeting new people.



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After receiving the graemefielder.com domain name as a xmas present and realising the lack of insightful dicussion, perspective, connectivity and online presence of the local bio-business space, graemefielder.com the blog was born. With a passion for the fusion of business and biotechnology this blog will discuss and give opinions and perspectives of events, articles, statements, presentations of this nature in the broadest context. Considering my relatively young and inexperienced nature compared to much of the business folk out there, I seek to simply provide a view from a young entrepreneurial bioscientist in the knowledge economy. I invite anyone to comment on my various posts whether it be an alternative opinion, something more to add or advice for the greater audience in addition to myself.
Disclaimer: The comments and opinions made on graemefielder.com are that of my own. They do not and shall not reflect those of the organisations that I represent or are/have been employed by.  Furthermore this blog is not an official Department of State website, and the views and information presented here are our own and do not represent the Fulbright Program or the Department of State.

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