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A new gene therapy approved!

This week GSK’s ex vivo gene therapy for ADA-SCID received its marketing authorization from the European Medicine Agency. This is awesome news for the medical world and patients.


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The missed opportunity

Just about every PhD or Post-Doctoral Fellow that I have spoken to, since arriving into the world of science*, doesn’t have great things to say about their training experience.

If you are one that does have good things to say, I’ll bet, you’re the exception.


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Bits & Pieces

Bits-&-Pieces1I’ve had some more time get back making note of some interesting news items from across the web.

Let us imagine…

While at the KiwiNet events over the past two days, one of the activities we participated in was a ‘visualisation’ of what New Zealand looked like if it had become a widely recognised, global exemplar of a thriving innovation ecosystem.  I took my chance to paint my utopian kiwiland:



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Functional Foods Explained

Recently, I was involved in contributing to a short video about functional foods in the context of what we do and Plant & Food Research.

Check it out below. Additionally, have a look through the other videos on the plantandfood channel. There are some great videos that explain what the company does and the impact it is having on the sectors we support.