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The Grey Area & Sugar Taxes

The debate about whether to introduce sugar taxes in NZ has been interesting to see play  out. It’s perfect example of trying to make a decision in light of insufficient evidence with potentially large implications on public health.


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The Good Student Discount

I recently bought car insurance and was pleased to learn I was eligible for a few discounts on my premium. ABS brakes, an installed alarm and a clean record are typical discounts. However, the one indicated below was one I didn’t expect

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Have an opinion

I’ve never been much of an opinionated person. Correction, I have never been much of person who has vocalized my opinion, at least in a professional setting. However, now being part of the American lifestyle where opinions are rife,  I find myself adapting a little.

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How’d you find us?

Since arriving in the US of A, I have obviously visited various  establishments such as restaurants, bars, hair salons, drycleaners and garment alters. During these  experiences, I have been stunned by the frequency at which I have been ask ‘How’d you find us?”.

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I recently had to give a talk at a Chiasma event in Auckland. My brief was to essentially talk on the theme ‘inspire’  and its relevance to me. Given I’d made the the effort to put some opinions together for this, I thought it was sharing them here as well. Enjoy!


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