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New blog tactic, quotes and pics.

In an effort to make sure I publish a post on a regular basis the new goal is to put out a new post each week. Given my new home within the Stanford MBA program and Silicon Valley, posts will likely revolve around my weekly learnings, attended events or some divine opinion. For example topic one will feature my key takeaways from my ‘Managing Groups & Teams’ course.

But to kick off I’d simply like to share a couple of memorable quotes and photos captured over the past couple of weeks

“You never make one decision, there are many other that are made as a consequence of that 1” – Dr Curtina Mooreland Young  – Rt Chair, Public Policy and Administration, Jackson State University

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NZ arrives in San Francisco

As it turns out my eminent departure to San Francisco in August is actually quite good timing. As you may be well aware of, the 34th America’s Cup regatta is underway in San Francisco. And given New Zealand has a central presence in this high profile event it’s a great opportunity for us to show off. As such there are a number of NZInc activities and hospitality experiences on offer. Apparently, over 150 NZ companies have taken up the opportunity to be part of the NZInc hosting opportunity. Below I have mentioned the events/venues I have come across so far. Please let me know if you are aware of any others.

11/08/2011 - Cascais (PRT) - 34th America's Cup - AC World Series - Cascais 2011 -  Race Day 4 - Onboard Regardless (race comitee catamaran)


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The mystery of business development

I revisit this old article of Seth’s from time to time.

It reminds me why I’ve always liked the role of a business development manager and why I’m now doing it as a career.


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Sir Paul Callaghan in action

Sir Paul Callaghan in action at Chancellor’s Lecture at Victoria University, Wellington.

If you haven’t seen it I suggest you put an hour aside to do so.

His ability to to translate the below is awesome:



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The benefits of travelling

Simply put, travelling is awesome. But while you’re having the time of your life your overseas experiences are moulding you into what I believe to be a stronger, more rounder, global, smarter individual. I have put together a list of 10 points of why extensive travel is an important part of self-development. 

  1. Openness, appreciation, understanding of other cultures and ways of life.
  2. Second language development.
  3. Decision making.
  4. Crisis aversion and management.
  5. Mental toughness & endurance.
  6. Stress management.
  7. Social / people skills.
  8. General/ global knowledge and insight into different markets.
  9. Thinking time. Clear mind. Remove technology. Think about career / life purposes.
  10.   Network – e.g. peace core members, actors, tech entrepreneurship MBA scholars, oncology nurses, software engineers, neuro surgeons, advertisers, health insurers.

Having left NZ just under 6 months ago  not only have taken 15,000 photos ( Yes I’m a bit trigger happy) over 23 countries but hopefully I have picked up a few of these 10 at least. Looking forward to getting back to NZ over the next few days. Just in time for RWC fever.

Here are a few snaps of my travels.


M.I.T., Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Nefertari’s Temple, Abu Simbel, Egypt.


View from Notre-Dame de la Garde, Marseille, France.


Eating escargot, Paris, France.


Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps, Switzerland.


Oia, Santorini, Greece.


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