The Good Student Discount

I recently bought car insurance and was pleased to learn I was eligible for a few discounts on my premium. ABS brakes, an installed alarm and a clean record are typical discounts. However, the one indicated below was one I didn’t expect

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Sigmoid Curve Career Model

One of the tokens of advice/insight from my internship at BioMarin Pharmaceutical  as the concept of a Sigmoid Curve and its application to how you should be thinking about your image

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The three Ps

We all know meetings suck. They drag on, discussions go around in circles and actions are forgotten. I’ve yet to come across a  structure which results in a quick and impactful meeting.

Businesspeople working on laptop in an office.

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The San Francisco of Europe


Miles of graffitied walls, dinner at 9pm, a plethora of bars, cafes and restaurants composed of less than four tables, male ‘bratwursts’ painted on the walls (including my office above), indoor treehouses, bicycles, a diverse and chilled out population, 170 museums, beards in management and more bicycles. Landing in Berlin, you instantly feel that much cooler. Continue reading

Have an opinion

I’ve never been much of an opinionated person. Correction, I have never been much of person who has vocalized my opinion, at least in a professional setting. However, now being part of the American lifestyle where opinions are rife,  I find myself adapting a little.

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