GMIX – The Intro

Over the next four weeks I will be living in Berlin  and working for Axel Springer AG as part of Stanford GSB’s GMIX (Global Management Immersion Experience) program.


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How’d you find us?

Since arriving in the US of A, I have obviously visited various  establishments such as restaurants, bars, hair salons, drycleaners and garment alters. During these  experiences, I have been stunned by the frequency at which I have been ask ‘How’d you find us?”.

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Big Data WTF

What is big data exactly? I’m OK with my stats and my calc but ‘Big Data’ has always sounded like this sexy but advanced level of math that is able to transform data into previously unknown/unattainable  insights, or so it seemed…Java Printing

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What’s in a name?


Today we had a presentation from Alexandra Watkins of Eat my Words  about what makes a great company name? Here are some key points I jotted down:

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The great side of conflict

One of the biggest takeaways I had from my first quarter was a few ideas around conflict. We typically think conflict is a bad ingredient to have in a team situation. People end up fighting, feelings are hurt, team performance is effected, and the task grinds to a halt. However, conflict does have its place, it’s just not the interpersonal type. It is the type that challenges ideas, opinions and hypothesis.


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